Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging services on the market today so a minor bug can end up affecting quite a lot of people. Reports suggest that there’s a new bug that makes the Facebook Messenger app freeze up on some iPhones. Users report that the app freezes up after they type a few words. That’s not ideal because if you can’t type inside a messaging app, what good is that app anyway? Fortunately, Facebook has found a fix.

Users who experienced this bug reported that it would freeze after they typed a couple of words in a chat bubble. Closing and reopening the app didn’t fix it and neither did deleting and reinstalling the app. All of this happened while other apps continued to work properly on the device.

It wasn’t immediately clear why this bug was making Facebook Messenger freeze up for no apparent reason. Facebook said that it was looking into the matter and the company has now confirmed that a fix has been developed.

“On January 17th, we learned that a very small number of people who were using Messenger on iOS had some trouble in typing messages,” said a spokesperson for the company, adding that Facebook has investigated the matter and that bug has now been fixed. It didn’t really explain the root cause behind this entire episode, though.

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