[CES 2018] If you’ve ever found yourself fed up of having to pull your carry-on then ForwardX has just the thing for you. It has showcased a product at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas called the CX-1. The company describes it as the world’s first self-driving intelligent carry-on with advanced features like auto-follow, obstacle avoidance, and gesture control.

Simply put, the CX-1 is a suitcase that follows you automatically thus eliminating the need for you to pull it manually. It has a 170 degree wide angle camera and lidar for real-time positioning. The CX-1 uses a real-time identification and tracking algorithm to identify its owner accurately.

Its visual perception technology enables it to have unique gesture control features. This lets the user control it without having to fiddle with any controls and even without having to turn around to face it. All it needs are small hand gestures to follow the user’s instructions.

The CX-1 won’t just follow you at one set speed. The all-wheel drive system has been designed to precisely follow the CX-1’s owner smoothly. It even has a large capacity battery which can be used to charge your smartphone.

It’s unclear right now if and when the CX-1 will be released by ForwardX, a China-based company, in the United States.

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