There are many reasons why a flight might be delayed. It could be due to bad weather that makes it harder for a plane to land, it could be due to technical difficulties, it could be due to air traffic that prevents a plane from taking off when it should. Basically there are many reasons why, and sometimes it’s really your luck as to whether or not your flight leaves on time.


However Google wants to take luck out of the equation and according to Google, they will be using AI to help predict potential flight delays. This feature will be part of the Google Flights app which will see historic flight status data fed into a machine learning algorithm to predict delays. Of course whether or not the delay actually happens and the prediction comes true won’t always be 100% accurate, but Google seems to believe that it will be about 80% accurate.

Of course most airline companies will prefer leaving on time since delays rarely look good for anyone, but either way we suppose it’s not necessarily a bad thing for passengers to be aware of any potential delays so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. This feature will be available via the Flights app so if you don’t use it already, perhaps now might be a good time to consider using the app to better plan your travels.

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