It is clear that in terms of which smartphone operating system is the most dominant, it’s hard to beat Android, even for Apple, due to the number of Android handset makers who have since put out countless of Android handsets. However it seems that as the only company making its own hardware and software, Apple is holding their own.

According to the latest data from CIRP, it appears that Apple’s iPhone market share has actually increased by 5% year-on-year. According to their data, in Q4 2016 Apple’s iPhone had 34% of the US market, but in Q4 2017, that number has since risen to 39%, which like we said represents a 5% increase in market share year-on-year.

CIRP partner Josh Lowitz seems to be attributing this increase to the release of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, all of which were released in the later part of 2017. He adds, “If we compare change in share from the September quarter to the December quarter in this year and last year, Apple clearly improved its market position. It gained ten percentage points from the September to the December quarter both years, but as it had a better September quarter in 2017 than in 2016, this resulted in an overall stronger December quarter.”

Apple also seems to be doing quite well in overseas markets, where over in China, it seems that 2016’s iPhone 7 Plus is the company’s best-selling phone, and also represents the second best-selling phone in the country.

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