Google Assistant has done quite well during the Holiday season, and it’s about to be in even more places. The Lenovo Smart Display is a visual assistant that features a large display of 8 or 10 inches. The idea is to add a visual dimensions to what is otherwise a device that works similarly to a voice-powered assistant.

It is true that similar functions could be available on a smartphone, and it is if you want to use Google Assistant there. However, the experience is much smoother with a dedicated device. That’s why the voice assistant have become successful in the first place.

It is undeniable that some types of information are better delivered on a screen, rather than read. Things like the day’s temperature, or a busy schedule are much faster to visually scan than listening to a long enumeration. Obviously, they can do anything that the Google Voice Assistant would, including listening to music on the 10-Watt speaker.

The Smart Display also lets you place voice calls, or simply watch Youtube. Looking at and following recipes is that much easier when you can see what you are doing. The best part is that these devices aren’t very expensive. At $199 for the 8-inch and $249 for the 10-inch, they are only a little more than what voice assistant were priced at when they debuted.

Inside, these connected devices are powered by the Qualcomm SDA 624 SoC that is basically the equivalent of a high-end smartphone from a couple of years ago. These chips are cousins of the smartphone ones, and part of Qualcomm’s Home Hub platform.

The Lenovo Smart Display design is rather minimalist with a black and white front, and a natural-color bamboo back. It looks a bit modern, but it should fit well in different styles. You’ll have time to decide, because these devices will be available “early this summer” according to Lenovo.

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