There have been multiple rumors suggesting that Sony could be making the switch to OLED displays. As it stands Sony uses LCD for their phones, but like we said, recent rumors are claiming that Sony could be changing things up. However given that Japan Display is still focused on producing LCDs, where will Sony get their OLEDs from?


According to a report from Business Korea, it seems that Sony could be turning to LG to supply them with the necessary OLEDs for their flagship Xperia phone. We have heard how LG could be ramping up OLED production, and that one of their potential customers for the foreseeable future is Apple. If this report is true, LG can now add Sony to that list as well.

Sony is expected to host their own press conference at MWC 2018 which is taking place next month. Not much is known in terms of what the company could unveil, but we have been hearing rumors of a new Xperia flagship phone. However whether or not this particular model will be adopting OLED remains to be seen. This is because it is possible that Sony’s OLED smartphones could still be in the works and might be unveiled later on instead.

Either way take it with a grain of salt, but with more companies shifting to OLED, along with some of the advantages of OLED technology, it’s not surprising if Sony were to eventually make the jump as well.

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