The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they have a tendency to explode when damaged, which is why in the past it has boggled us to see the way some people treat their batteries, such as hitting it with a hammer with disastrous consequences. However the latest incident might have taken the cake.


Over in China, it has been reported that a man bit into an iPhone battery at a second-hand electronics market. According to the report, it seems that the man wanted to inspect the smartphone’s battery in order to make a more informed purchase. His request is somewhat reasonable as it has been said that some second-hand phone sellers have been known to swap out original batteries for cheaper, unauthorized variants.

However it seems that for whatever reason, the man in question thought that perhaps biting the battery could be a way to test its authenticity, which clearly did not end in his favor as the battery exploded after he bit into it. Miraculously it seems that despite the explosion, it was reported that the man suffered no injuries. So if there was ever a lesson to be learnt here, it would be not to bite on lithium-ion batteries (or any batteries for that matter) lest it explodes in your mouth.

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