Panasonic has launched four new OLED TV models across two ranges at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas. They take the baton from the company’s 2017 OLED screens that won accolades for their picture quality and performance. The new models are available in 65 inch and 55 inch sizes. They feature new OLED panels coupled with Panasonic’s latest Hollywood-tuned HCX video processor.

Panasonic says that its new FZ950 and FZ800 ranges are the first OLED screens available in 2018 with support for the HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology. The FZ950 range also features a Dynamic Blade Speaker which delivers a refined and powerful sound experience.

The new TVs are powered by the company’s proprietary HCX 4K video processor. Panasonic has also said that it’s going to seek Ultra HD Premium and THX certification for all its OLED screens before shipping. All of its 2018 OLED TVs have an Absolute Black Filter which ensures the most accurate black levels by absorbing ambient light to eliminate reflections.

The biggest change that it has made to the processor is the introduction of the new Dynamic LUT or Look Up Table system. The LUT technology is extensively used in post-production to ensure color accuracy.

LUTs are normally fixed according to the color space used by the source but this technology automatically monitors the average brightness level of each scene and then uses picture analysis to dynamically load an LUT that’s appropriate to that scene. This makes significant improvements to mid-brightness scenes that make them look much natural.

Panasonic will start shipping its new 4K OLED TVs in the coming months. Pricing has not yet been confirmed.

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