Razer today announced the addition of a new product to its Broadcaster range of professional-grade streaming equipment. It’s called the Razer Seriren Elite and it’s a professional-grade microphone for game streaming. The product aims to provide live streamers as well as YouTube broadcasters with professional-grade audio quality.


Razer Seiren Elite is a USB microphone that has a single capsule design with a built-in filter and limiter to provide richer, warmer vocal tone that’s normally possible with high-end broadcast equipment.

Its cardioid capture pattern enables accurate wide frequency recording while the built-in high-pass filter removes unwanted low-frequency vibrations like air condition hums and fan noises. There’s even a digital/analog vocal limiter which automatically adjusts audio gains to prevent distortion and popping even when the user raises their voice out of excitement.

“Most professional-grade microphones require additional recording equipment, like mixers and converters, that you need to get your sound onto your PC,” said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, adding that the Seiren Elite solves that problem by handling the audio experience and letting broadcasters focus on their content.

It’s a simple plug and play operation so it simplifies the process for users. It doesn’t require any external mixers, amplifiers or signal converters. The Razer Seiren Elite is now available for purchase from the company’s online store for $199.99.

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