Image credit – Cetizen

So Apple has finally made the jump to OLED with the iPhone X, and while iPhone users can expect richer colors and deeper blacks thanks to the use of OLED display tech, the downside is that the disadvantages of OLED are part of the iPhone X now, which includes burn-ins. Apple has made no secret that burn-ins are a possibility, but exactly how resilient is the iPhone X’s display?

That’s what Korean website Cetizen (via BGR) tried to find out in its testing. The website mentions that while other reviews touch on topics that cover the iPhone X’s durability when it comes to water resistance and drop tests, display burn-in was not one of them. Based on their findings, it seems that upon hitting the 510 hour mark, the iPhone X’s display showed faint signs of OLED burn-in.

To compare the burn-ins, Cetizen also did a similar test on other handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy Note 8, both of which appeared to suffer from more obvious burn-ins compared to the iPhone X after 510 hours. We can’t speak to the accuracy of these tests, and neither is it a very accurate way of testing burn-in since we doubt that many of us will have static images on display for 510 hours straight, but the upside is that even at 510 hours, it isn’t too bad.

Sure, there are ghost images left imprinted on the screen, but for the most part it doesn’t really get in the way, so if OLED burn-in is something that you are concerned about, then perhap this test could alleviate some of those fears.

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