The 2018 Winter Games will take place in South Korea next month and many will be heading to the country from the United States to witness the competitions live and T-Mobile wants to go with them. The carrier today announced that its customers will get free unlimited high-speed data in South Korea and free unlimited calls within South Korea and back to the U.S. That is over and above the free texting option that customers already get when traveling in more than 140 countries and destinations.

T-Mobile says that customers don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this. Unlimited data and calling will just work for its customers with postpaid plans in South Korea starting February 7th through March 20th after the Paralympics closing ceremonies.

Verizon announced earlier this month that it will waive fees for its TravelPass service if its customers on select qualifying plans sign up for its rewards program before January 28th. This means they will get a waiver for their roaming fees when they’re in South Korea as TravelPass lets them take their domestic talk, text, and data allowances with them.

T-Mobile predictably took a swipe at Verizon in its press release today, saying that the carrier “forces customers to share their personal data and jump through multiple hoops.”

T-Mobile’s terms and conditions mention that the “service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming,” so perhaps you should put off binge-watching your favorite show on cellular data while you’re in South Korea.

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