If you’ve ever been in a WhatsApp group chat before, then you know that there will always be one user who is the admin. This admin status can be granted to others, and basically what it does is that it allows that person to edit the title of the chat, change the chat icon, and also add/remove users.


Now it seems that in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, the folks at WABetaInfo have discovered a new feature, which is called “Dismiss as admin”. This feature lets admins remove the admin status from other admins. This means that in the event that you want to “demote” the user from admin to regular user, you can do use this feature.

Prior to this what WhatsApp used to do is that you had to remove that person from the chat, re-add them back in, then only would their admin status be revoked. This is a handy feature because in some group chats, you’d rather have only one user as the main admin. Plus it seems that over in India, WhatsApp group admins can actually get in legal trouble if caught spreading fake news.

So if you have some troublemakers on hand, this could be a useful way to remove their admin status while keeping them in the chat. The latest beta also revealed a feature that lets users switch between voice and video calls seamlessly.

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