It has often been suggested by those in the cyber security business that hooking onto a public WiFi network is probably not the best idea, especially if you’re planning on performing actions such as internet banking, or transferring sensitive information. However the good news is that the Wi-Fi Alliance has plans to help beef up WiFi security with the new WPA3 standard.

In an announcement by the organization (via Engadget), they have revealed their plans to roll out the new WPA3 standard which is said to help address some of the weak points of the previous WPA2 standard that was initially introduced back in 2004. One of those features is individualized data encryption, and another is meant to protect users even if they have chosen weak passwords.

It is also expected that the new standard will help simplify the process of configuring security when it comes to devices that have limited or no display interface. According to Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, “Security is a foundation of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs, and we are excited to introduce new features to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED family of security solutions. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED designation means Wi-Fi devices meet the highest standards for interoperability and security protections.” The new standard is expected to roll out sometime in 2018.

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