When it comes to adopting new technology, the speed at which is adopted depends on the companies that implement it. For example while 4G LTE connectivity was first made available, Android OEMs were quick to adopt the modems needed to support it, whereas it took Apple a few years and the launch of the iPhone 5 in 2012 before they adopted it into their phones.

Now that 5G is expected to be the next wave, the question is which devices will be adopting the technology once it has become more widely available? It looks like Chinese handset maker ZTE wants to be one of them, and has announced their plans to make 5G compatible smartphones available in the US by early 2019.

Of course this will require 5G networks, in which local carriers such as AT&T have confirmed that they will begin launching 5G networks in late 2018. AT&T aren’t alone in this as Verizon has also previously confirmed their plans to roll out 5G coverage in five cities across the US in 2018, and presumably more will be covered as time passes, like we saw in the early days of 4G.

That being said, ZTE will probably not be alone in launching 5G compatible smartphones, but so far they are one of the few who have publicly confirmed their plans.

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