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According to Apple’s latest financials, it seems that they have managed to record an all-time high quarter. They also reported that they have managed to sell 77.3 million iPhones, but apparently this was slightly less compared to the previous year where they managed 78.3 million iPhones in the same quarter.

The dip is marginal but it is still a decline all the same, which is why Apple was asked if launching a battery replacement program for iPhones affected by the slow down might have affected upgrade rates. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, apparently this is something that Apple did not consider when they launched it.

Cook was quoted as responding to the question by saying, “We did it because we thought it was the right thing to do for our customers. I don’t know what effect it will have for our investors. It was not in our thought process of deciding to do what we’ve done.” We suppose it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that it might have. After all spending $29 to bring your iPhone back to its former speeds is considerably cheaper than buying the iPhone X.

That being said, Apple is currently facing probes by various governments around the world regarding the issue, and exactly what will happen as a result remains to be seen.

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