Just the other day it seemed that Blizzard could be teasing a new Overwatch hero that could be added to the game. Now it looks like the company is back with yet another teaser, although in this case it has provided more clues as to who the new hero could be, which some have speculated could be Torbjorn’s daughter, Brigitte.

This is based on how the image shows schematics for a shield supposedly drawn by Brigitte, which also seems to have been inspired by Reinhardt’s shield. Given that Reinhardt is the godfather of Brigitte, it all seems to tie in together rather nicely, although whether all of this could simply be a red herring remains to be seen.

For example back before Blizzard announced that Orisa will be added to the game, they released a bunch of teasers which suggested that Orisa’s creator, a child genius by the name of Efi Oladele, could be the next hero. Blizzard had also released teasers for heroes such as Doomfist but those failed to pan out (until much later), so we wouldn’t be surprised if this could be something else entirely.

Either way all these teasers seem to be headed towards an official reveal, which hopefully we will hear about soon so check back with us in the near future for more details.

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