We guess it’s pretty much a given that Blizzard’s not quite done with new Overwatch content just yet, and so far since its release, Blizzard has steadily introduced new heroes into the game. In fact it looks like gamers might be able to expect a new hero, thanks to speculation based on a tweet that Blizzard teased on Twitter.


The tweet talks about “Operation White Dome” and makes reference to various Overwatch heroes that are already in the game, such as Reinhardt and Torbjorn. It also makes reference to a certain “First Class Emre Sarioglu”, which like we said has fueled speculation could be the next hero being introduced in the game.

Unfortunately the teaser doesn’t provide us with more details so at this point in time, either everyone’s kind of reaching or it could be the real deal. It could also be potentially misleading because in the past, Blizzard seemed to tease one hero but ultimately ended up announcing a different hero instead.

Either way we guess we’ll have to wait and see, but given that Overwatch’s “Year of the Dog” event is still ongoing at the moment, we suppose any new additions to the game will most likely come after that at the earliest.

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