For the most part a lot of ads you see on websites are automated in the sense that all publishers have to do is insert the code for the ad onto their website, and the content will load itself and update itself accordingly. However there is some science behind the best place to place ads.

For example placing a banner ad all the way at the bottom of the website wouldn’t be as effective if it were at the top and the first thing that visitors saw, right? This is the kind of guesswork that Google wants to get rid of with the launch of “Auto Ads”. This is a new ad unit for AdSense that aims to further automate the ad placement process for publishers.

Like we said, ads on websites are mostly automated but one of the differences with Auto Ads is that it uses machine learning to “read” a page to determine where is the best place put an ad, and also what kind of ad should be run. For the most part ads on websites are typically relevant to its content, but Auto Ads has the advantage that through the use of AI, it will be able to “learn” over time and teach the system how to best place ads in the future.

Auto Ads was actually launched as a trial/beta early last year and is now finally rolling out to the masses. However an issue that quite a number of beta testers found and shared on, is that Auto Ads can sometimes end up a bit spammy as some found that the system ended up overcrowding the page with ads.

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