With Overwatch offering up a plethora of skins to choose from, players are spoilt. Just like mounts and armor sets in World of Warcraft, owning a legendary Overwatch skin can be something worth showing off (it either means you were very lucky or spent a lot of money), and now Blizzard is giving gamers a bit more flexibility when it comes to choosing them.


Prior to this, once gamers had chosen a skin at the start of a match, they were pretty much locked to that skin until the match has ended. However according to Blizzard, they have made some changes to the game where gamers can now still have the option of changing their skins at the start of the match.

This was a feature that players had requested a while back, but Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan had stated back then that this is something that they would look at later on as it understandably wasn’t really a priority (versus balancing the game, fixing bugs, adding new features, weeding out toxic players, etc.).

That being said, Overwatch’s “Year of the Dog” event has recently kicked off where it will introduce a new capture-the-flag specific map along with a bunch of new Lunar New Year themed skins for various characters.

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