The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made, it also happens to be the most popular gaming console on the market for consumers at this point in time. Many developers have updated their titles to take full advantage of the console’s improved performance but Rocket League’s Psyonix is not one of them yet. Psyonix says that it won’t release the Rocket League Xbox One X update until the end of this year.

Psyonix had confirmed a few months back that it would update Rocket League for Xbox One X in the not too distant future. It didn’t give a precise schedule but the developer’s words didn’t suggest that players would have to wait for a very long time for this update.

The developer has now detailed the Rocket League development roadmap for this year and it clearly in the roadmap that “We are now targeting Xbox One X support for late 2018.” Just how late it’s going to be remains to be seen.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Psyonix is facing any difficulties in updating the game for the more powerful console, it appears that Xbox One X support is low on its list of priorities for this year. Fans can expect new licensed premium DLC for the title in March as well as a new feature update around the same time.

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