A rumor from earlier this month suggested that Samsung could be thinking of rebranding its future Galaxy S handsets. This was due to the fact that in 2019, Samsung’s Galaxy S handset will be known as the Galaxy S10, which while a fully legit name, doesn’t look quite as good when it comes to branding.

Now according to a report from The Investor, it seems that Samsung has confirmed that a rebranding could take place. This is according to a Q&A session with Samsung Mobile’s head DJ Koh in which when asked as to whether there are plans to change the name of the next Galaxy S model, Koh replied by saying, “Although Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system.”

Note that Koh’s response isn’t a confirmation that Samsung will be changing the name of future phones, but it seems that the company is at the very least thinking about it. Like we said from a branding perspective this makes sense, which is also what Apple did with the iPhone X (pronounced as the iPhone 10).

Whether or not they’ll actually go through with it remains to be seen, and exactly what future Galaxy S handsets will be called is anyone’s guess, especially with rumors that the Galaxy X moniker could be reserved for Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

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