When Nintendo first announced the NES Classic, we’re not sure if they knew that they would be hitting a gold mine because it was near impossible to get your hands on one following its release. Its successor, the SNES Classic, seems to be doing extremely well for itself as well because based on the company’s earnings report (via MobileSyrup), they have managed to sell 4 million units since its release.


Like we said its success doesn’t really come as a surprise, especially when we heard reports last year that 1.7 million units had been shipped in about a span of a month. While shipped units does not necessarily constitute as sales, it does hint at demand for the console. It was even reported that the SNES Classic might have outdone the Switch in terms of first-week sales.

Thankfully though Nintendo has learnt a lesson from the NES Classic and for the SNES Classic, they are ensuring that they have enough units on hand to prevent people from reselling the console at ridiculous prices. Nintendo is also aiming to bring back the NES Classic later this year for those who might have missed out on it when it was first launched.

In addition we have also heard rumors that Nintendo has other older consoles they plan on relaunching, such as the N64 and maybe even the Game Boy.

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