After what seemed like a dark past few years following the unsuccessful launch and release of the Wii U, things are definitely turning around for Nintendo. In a tweet by The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki, it looks like Nintendo’s attempts at relaunching classic consoles is turning out pretty well for the company.


According to the numbers, it seems that Nintendo has managed to ship as many as 1.7 million units of the recently-launched SNES Classic as of the 30th of September, 2017. This means that at this time of writing, we expect that Nintendo has probably managed to ship more than that. We should point out that this is the number of units shipped, not sold, so there is a difference, but usually they tend to be pretty close since companies tend to ship what they think is the demand.

This news doesn’t really come as a surprise as earlier this month, the SNES Classic was reported to have outsold the Switch when we’re looking at first week sales. The console is said to have sold 368,913 units in its first week, while the Switch managed 330,637. Of course the Switch has since gone on to sell over 7 million units to date, but it’s still a pretty impressive feat all the same.

Nintendo is also expected to bring back the NES Classic next year, which was the console that was relaunched prior to the SNES Classic. There have also been rumors that a N64 Classic and Game Boy Classic could be in the works for the future, both of which we reckon should also be just as well-received, if not more so.

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