When Super Mario Odyssey was announced, it revealed a new and different way that Nintendo had approached its Mario franchise. It proved to be a success where the game sold 2 million copies within its first 3 days of release, and by now we’re sure that many gamers have probably finished the game as well.

The good news is that if you were looking forward to more content and challenges, it seems that Nintendo isn’t completely ruling out the idea of DLCs for the game. Speaking in the latest issue of Game Informer, Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said that DLCs could be something that Nintendo might consider for the game.

Koizumi stated that the original intention was to create as much content as possible for the main game itself, but at the same time if a cool idea pops up, they wouldn’t mind introducing it to the game via a DLC. “There’s a lot of volume in Super Mario Odyssey. That was a big focus in development: give the player loads to do. We pushed ourselves to create as much as we could. I can’t announce anything specifically today, but of course, if there was a really cool idea for us to do, then we would certainly be thinking about DLC.”

Nintendo isn’t necessarily a company that does a lot of DLCs, but presumably the success of the model for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have led Nintendo to rethink it. That being said, Koizumi’s statement isn’t a guarantee that a DLC will arrive, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled should there be one.

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