There are multiple messaging apps out there that are available for users on smartphones, and Telegram is one of the many. However it looks like Telegram wants to expand its offerings and has recently announced a new experimental app called Telegram X, which for the most part is still Telegram.

So what’s the point, you ask? Basically over years as apps and software in general gets updated, the new features are added on top of the existing features which is basically like putting new code together with old ones. This means that over time it is possible that the app gets bogged down by a lot of unnecessary data and information, getting slower and clunkier in the process.

With Telegram X, the developers are basically challenging themselves to create a new version of Telegram that’s better than the current one, and have built it from scratch using a brand new code base. Telegram notes that Telegram X might not necessarily replace the original Telegram, but at the same time it will let them test out new features and technologies that could be brought over to the main app.

As it stands Telegram X is only available on Android and it is unclear if there are plans to bring it over onto iOS. However oddly enough it has been noted that the Telegram app has mysteriously vanished from the iTunes App Store. Apparently this is a minor issue and should be resolved soon, but at this time of posting the app is still unavailable.

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