We know that from time to time, developers like to get a bit creative and cheeky by leaving behind hidden messages and easter eggs for gamers to discover. Some are spotted right away, while some are only discovered years later, as in the case with The Bard’s Tale for Sony’s PS2 gaming console.

We’re not sure if this was the first time this secret was discovered, but it has been making its round due to its hilarious nature. On the disc of the PS2 copy of the game, there is a caption that reads, “Really Disturbing Image… Flip Disc Over”. Obviously the opposite side of the image is the reflective surface, thus showing the face of the person who is holding it, as discovered by @alejansolo who wrote, “This PS2 game just flat out gave me the most devastating burn.”

Like we said, it is unclear as to when this discovery was first made, but it is possible that players might have discovered it years ago when the game was first released, which was back in 2004, two years before Twitter was launched and where social media wasn’t as effective at making topics viral unlike these days.

In any case if you still have a copy of the disc and want to play a prank on your friends, this seems like a pretty handy way to go about doing it!

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