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This Is How Sony Could Handle Backwards Compatibility On The PS5
When it comes to backwards compatibility on consoles, it’s safe to say that Microsoft has done a much better job compared to Sony. For instance, the PS4 supports backwards compatibility with PS3 games, but that’s pretty much it, whereas the Xbox One supports the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

The Bard’s Tale PS2 Disc Has Been Hiding A Hilarious Secret For Years
We know that from time to time, developers like to get a bit creative and cheeky by leaving behind hidden messages and easter eggs for gamers to discover. Some are spotted right away, while some are only discovered years later, as in the case with The Bard’s Tale for Sony’s PS2 gaming console.

PS2 Max Payne Coming To PS4 Soon
PlayStation 4 doesn’t offer the kind of backwards compatibility that the Xbox One does but Sony is working with publishers to bring some classic PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4. It appears that the first Max Payne title released for PS2 might be in line to arrive on the PS4, it might be released on the current-gen console as early as this week, though Sony is yet to make […]

Psychonauts Moves From PS2 To PS4
These days Sony is working to increase the number of classic PlayStation 2 titles that are available for the PlayStation 4. It announced last year that PS4 owners will be able to play select PS2 games once the classics have been reworked to support the current-gen console. The list of supported games is slowly increasing with the classic Psychonauts being the latest addition to the list.


Arc The Lad Is Next PS2 Game Launching On PS4
PlayStation 4 doesn’t offer backwards compatibility like the Xbox One does, however, it will allow console owners to play games originally released for PlayStation 2 on their current-gen console. Those titles have to be ported over to the PS4 first before they can be played so it’s not like you can just pop a PS2 disc in the new system and start playing the game, which means that the selection […]

Sony Explains Why PS2 Games On The PS4 Are So Expensive
It wasn’t too long ago that Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 would be able to play PS2 games. No doubt this is good news for gamers looking to relive some classic games on their newer consoles, and also a good way for new gamers to be introduced to some older titles that they would otherwise never have been able to play.The bad news is that the PS2 games listed […]

Sony Taking Requests For PS2 Games For The PS4
A couple of weeks ago, Sony officially revealed that they were bringing PS2 games onto the PS4. Obviously not every PS2 game has been ported, but a pretty decent list of games was announced with some classics thrown into the mix. However safe to say that there are probably games that did not make the cut, and Sony wants to know which.According to a recent tweet by Sony’s Dave Thach, […]

Sony Announces List Of PS2 Games That Can Be Purchased For The PS4
Remember when Sony confirmed that PS2 games will be compatible with the PS4? The good news is that if you were looking forward to playing some classic PS2 games on your console, you might be pleased to learn that Sony has since officially announced the list of games that will be available starting from tomorrow.In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony lists titles such as Dark Cloud, Grand Theft […]

PS2 Backwards Compatibility On The PS4 Might Not Involve Discs
As you might have heard a couple of weeks ago, Sony confirmed that PS2 games would be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. This will be done through emulation technology, and now thanks to a video (which has since been removed), it seems that additional details of how it works has been revealed.Now for those of you who were PS2 gamers and have a huge library of games that you […]

Sony: What PS2 Games Would You Like To See On The PS4
So the other day it was discovered and confirmed by Sony that PS2 backwards compatibility would be arriving on the PlayStation 4. Details of how this will work remain scarce, but so far it seems that they are testing some kind of emulation technology and details of how it will work are expected to be revealed later.That being said, it seems that in the meantime Sony has started to poll […]

Sony PS4 Will Have PS2 Backwards Compatibility
Ever since Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, many wondered if Sony might do something similar. However Sony on multiple occasions has since denied that they would be bringing PS3 backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4.That being said to a certain extent Sony was telling the truth, but no one said anything about PS2 backwards compatibility, right? According to a report from […]

Several PS2 Classics Could Be Headed For The PS4
So we all know that the Xbox One will be getting backwards compatibility. This basically means that the console will be able to play Xbox 360 games. Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately Sony confirmed that no such feature would be coming to the PlayStation 4, which we’re sure is a bit of a bummer.However the good news is that it looks like there could be some classic PlayStation 2 games that […]