It is clear that the gaming scene is mostly dominated by males. Take a quick look on YouTube or Twitch and for the most part you’ll find mostly guys who are doing all the streaming and reviews, but that’s a narrative that Twitch wants to change. Partnering with 1,000 Dreams Fund, Twitch has announced the BroadcastHER grant.

According to the announcement on the 1,000 Dreams Fund website, “1DF created a grant specifically to support female broadcasters on Twitch. The 1,000 Dreams Fund Twitch BroadcastHER Grant provides financial assistance to eligible women to help with expenses such as travel to gaming conventions, educational conferences, hardware upgrades, and instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits.”

There will of course be requirements that you’ll have to meet in order to qualify for the grant, such as being a Twitch Affiliated or Partnered Broadcast to start. There will also be preferences given to younger streamers, such as those in high school or those in college or university or grad school, which presumably is done to encourage the younger generation.

The grant amounts will vary between $500 to $2,000 and like Twitch said, it will be used to help streamers travel to conventions or upgrade their streaming hardware. The grant will also run over two semesters, with the first application deadline set for the 1st of May.

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