Uber has an Uber Pool feature which allows passengers to group together if they are traveling along the same route. However it looks like Uber has since launched a slight variation of the feature called “Uber Express Pool” where it will be going live in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, Miami, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Denver.

For those who are hearing about Uber Express Pool for the first time, the core idea is the same which is that it will try to connect multiple passengers and a driver who are traveling along the same route. However instead of a door-to-door service where the driver will pick up multiple passengers, Uber Express Pool will require that passengers walk to the location of the driver.

The idea is that this will help maximize the efficiency of a trip, which might come in handy if certain areas are congested, and walking to your driver might actually be faster than your driver coming to you. It will also see drivers drop off passengers close to their locations instead of directly at their locations, which once again is about efficiency.

Uber claims that Express Pool will be 50% cheaper than Uber Pool, and 70% cheaper than Uber X, so if you don’t mind doing a bit of walking, you could end up saving yourself quite a bit, especially if you do plan on using the service often. That being said for those who prefer not to walk, Uber has no plans of discontinuing Uber Pool.

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