If you can’t quite figure out where the creepy laughing sound is coming from in your home don’t be quick to call the Ghostbusters, maybe check your Alexa-enabled device first. Countless reports have surfaced on social media recently of Alexa randomly laughing for no apparent reason. Amazon has now acknowledged the issue and is looking into it.

Many users of Alexa-enabled devices have been reporting hearing unexplained and unprompted laughter from the digital assistant. Alexa laughs on its own without being prompted to wake up.

Some people were actually scared when they thought that an actual person was laughing. That can be a scary thought when you’re home alone and can’t quite come to terms with a digital assistant laughing out of the blue for no reason.

Some users describe the laugh as scary, others ound it “bone chillingly creepy.” They say that the laughing sound is different from the one that Amazon is programmed with, the one it plays when prompted to laugh.

There’s no easy explanation for this right now but hopefully, Amazon will have one for us sooner rather than later. The company has acknowledged the issue in a statement and said that “We’re aware of this and working to fix it.”

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