Google released the first official Android P developer preview earlier this month and since then, developers have dived into the firmware to figure out some of the new features that will be included in the next major Android update. The latest discovery suggests that Android P may have support to launch apps automatically when the phone is connected to select devices or accessories.

Google is expected to release at least four developer preview builds of Android P and since this is only the first one, it goes without saying that upcoming builds will reveal more information about the new features that will be part and parcel of Android P.

The first developer preview contains code which suggests that Android P might bring support for contextual app launching. This has been revealed by a teardown of Android P’s SystemUI APK. The feature will trigger the launch of predefined apps when the handset connects to certain devices or accessories.

What this build doesn’t reveal is just how configurable this feature is going to be and which apps and contexts will be supported. You can already configure automatic app launching on Android devices but there’s no native solution for it. Apps like IFTTT, Automate, and others have to be used for this purpose.

The native feature in Android P may not be robust enough to replace apps like IFTTT that are much more capable, but then again, something’s better than nothing.

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