General Motors is one of the many car manufacturers working on self-driving cars as the industry now believes that autonomy is the future of mobility. The company has spent more than a year building test vehicles for the development of its self-driving technology and now it has announced that it’s going to build production versions of its Cruise AV at GM’s Orion Township assembly plant in Michigan. The roof modules for these cars will be assembled at the company’s Brownstown plant.

GM is planning to sell the Cruise AV next year. It says that the Cruise AV is the first production-ready cars to that’s fully capable of operating on its own with no driver, pedals, steering wheel or manual controls.

It’s going to have to upgrade its Orion Township and Brownstown facilities for the production of the Cruise AV and GM has announced that it’s going to invest $100 million for this purpose. It has already begun roof module production while the fourth generation Cruise AV is expected to hit the production line in 2019.

The roof modules are particularly important as they house much of the special equipment that’s required for the self-driving car to function such as the LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and other hardware. All of this will be assembled at a dedicated line at the factory.

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