Several years ago some of you guys might have been familiar with a company called Lytro. The company specialized in creating a camera that allowed users to choose where they wanted to refocus later, meaning that out of focus shots were no longer a problem. Now it looks like Google might want to buy them out.

In a report from TechCrunch, they have heard from their sources that Google is apparently looking to acquire Lytro and might be paying as much as $40 million for them. It is unclear as to what Google might want with Lytro, but presumably they might be interested in acquiring the company’s technology.

Given that unlike other companies like Apple or Samsung or Huawei that used dual cameras for their smartphones, the Pixel 2 completely relied on software to achieve the same effect, which based on reviews appears to be better than the competition. Perhaps Google might want to use that technology to integrate it inside their phones in the future, or maybe Google has something bigger planned.

Either way take it with a grain of salt since neither Google nor Lytro have made any kind of announcement, but if true then we expect that we will be hearing from either company in the near future.

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