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Lytro Shutting Down, Employees Moving To Google
It was first reported last week that light field camera maker Lytro was being acquired by Google. While the internet search giant hasn’t made that announcement yet, Lytro confirmed today in a post on its blog that it’s going to start winding down the company. A significant number of the company’s employees are now said to be joining Google.

Google Reportedly Looking To Acquire Lytro
Several years ago some of you guys might have been familiar with a company called Lytro. The company specialized in creating a camera that allowed users to choose where they wanted to refocus later, meaning that out of focus shots were no longer a problem. Now it looks like Google might want to buy them out.

Lytro To Exit Consumer Photography Business, Focus On VR
Lytro came onto the photography scene by introducing an interesting camera that allowed photographers to shoot first and focus later through software. This is an interesting approach and while some smartphone OEMs did adopt similar technology in their phones, Lytro’s approach in the camera industry did not quite take.

Lytro Immerge Is A Professional Solution For Cinematic VR
Lytro has made a name for itself for producing devices that use light-field technology and now the company is bringing over that experience to offer a solution for cinematic virtual reality content. Lytro Immerge is a camera that’s aimed at professionals, studios will be able to achieve precisely what they want when producing virtual reality content, Immerge has been made from the ground up for the express purpose of perfectly […]


Lytro Platform Could Empower Exploration Of Light Field Technology
Lytro and their light field photo technology is an interesting combination to say the least. Well, what good is there if you were to keep all the good stuff just to yourself? Lytro intends the other companies to make use of its light field photo technology so that they will be able to introduce improvement to their devices instead of just for the field of photography alone. Hence, in order […]

Lytro Light Field Camera For Android Out In 2014 (Rumor)
When it comes to cameras on Android-powered devices, there is a fair number of those out there that do feature some high end capabilities, and it does seem as though the pack is about to get augmented if this particular rumor from @evleaks turns out to be true – @evleaks claims that Lytro will be rolling out an Android-powered camera sometime down the road.

Lytro's Illum Camera Receives Aperture Support
The next generation $1,500 Illum ‘light-field’ camera from Lytro has been given a boost thanks to the introduction of dedicated Mac software, not to mention having Aperture support thrown into the mix as well. It does look as though this summer is starting to shape up to be an extremely interesting one if you have the extra money to spare.

Apple Patent Reveals Lytro-like Camera Plans
We’re sure you guys have heard of the Lytro camera which for those unfamiliar, is a rather unique camera in the sense that you could shoot your photos first and focus on specific portions of the photo later. This allowed photographers to capture images in the moment without having to worry about fiddling with focus and finding that sweet spot. Such a camera would be interesting especially if brought to […]

Lytro Manages To Raise $40 Million In Funding Towards New Products
Back in 2011, the Lytro camera was introduced. The camera was unique not just in terms of its design, but its functionality as well. It did not look like your typical camera but what made it pretty interesting was how photographers could capture images without having to worry about focus because the focusing could be added post-shooting through Lytro’s software. This allowed photographers to capture their photos in the moment […]

Lytro Announced Lytro 3D Software Update
The Lytro camera was announced a couple of years ago and for those unfamiliar with the camera, it’s basically a device that takes the effort out of focusing on photos. Instead the camera allows users to capture the image or moment first, upload the image onto their computer and through Lytro’s accompanying software, will allow them to select which areas of the photograph they’d like the focus to be placed […]

Nokia Reportedly Interested In Lytro-type Camera For Future Smartphones
For those who have not heard about the Lytro camera, it’s basically a camera that allows users to shoot their photos first, and choose which points to focus later on. It is pretty handy as it allows photographers to capture the moment without having to worry about having the correct focus. Interestingly a report on Bloomberg has suggested that Nokia could be interested in a similar technology and could be […]

FocusTwist iPhone App Gives Your Phone Lytro-like Capabilities
Some of you guys might have heard of the Lytro camera, a camera which basically snaps photos first and allows you to focus on different parts of the image later. Pretty handy in a situation where you just want to capture the moment rather than worry about having the right focus. In any case wouldn’t it be cool if our smartphones could do something similar? While such technology has yet […]

Toshiba Develops Lytro-Like Smartphone Camera Sensor
Earlier today we reported that Toshiba had a 20MP image sensor planned for point-and-shoot cameras, and it looks like Toshiba’s foray into the photography industry isn’t stopping there. According to Asahi Shimbun, it seems that Toshiba is currently working on a camera sensor designed for smartphones that will allow smartphone cameras to perform the same function as the Lytro light field camera. For those who are unfamiliar with the Lytro […]

Lytro Perspective Shift Introduced
Lytro has just announced a couple of new features for its eponymous light field camera, where there will be a new software update in the weeks to come that will offer Lytro photographers the ability to change the point of view in a picture – not before, but after it has been shot thanks to the new Perspective Shift feature. Apart from that, Lytro owners are also able to make […]