Software updates are usually a good thing because it can mean either introduction of new features, or improvements to existing ones, as well as potentially squashing bugs and also patching security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately updates do not always go as planned, such is the case with the latest update to Google’s Duo app.

According to multiple user reports, it seems that the latest update to the app has resulted in it having low call volume due to a bug. This seems to have affected quite a fair amount of users, so much so that Google has since halted the update rolling out to Android users until a fix has been made.

Affected users who are experiencing this low call volume bug can update (or downgrade) their app back to the previous version which is v29.2. If you’re lucky enough not to have been affected then we guess you won’t need to do anything. There is no word on when a fix will be issued, but like we said, downgrading to v29.2 should resolve the problem so if you are affected, downgrade and you’ll be able to use the app just fine. In the meantime we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for when the updated app with the bug fix has been released.

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