Autonomous cars are widely believed to be the future of mobility and while we’re still a long way from cars that are truly capable of safely driving us from point a to point b without requiring no human assistant, car manufacturers and tech companies continue to test new iterations of the technology to showcase what’s possible. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has now started testing its self-parking valet technology on public roads in the United Kingdom.


Most modern vehicles already have semi-autonomous parking functionality. The driver can select the relevant mode and the car would shift gears and enter or exit the spot on its own with no input from the driver.

Jaguar Land Rover’s system is a bit more advanced since it enables the vehicle to not only park for itself but also find a parking spot on its own. The first test on a public road in the UK involved a Land Rover Range Rover Sport prototype in self-driving mode.

This functionality will eliminate some of the stress that’s involved with first having to locate a parking space and then trying to squeeze into it if it’s not particularly wide. However, the car manufacturer is only testing this technology at this point in time and it’s unclear when it will bring the self-parking valet functionality to its production cars.

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