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2020 Mercedes S-Class To Get Own Semi-Autonomous Driving System
The refreshed 2020 S-Class that Mercedes is working on may feature the company’s own semi-autonomous driving system. This, according to the company’s head of research. He said in an interview that this system will provide what’s referred to as “Level 3” autonomy. The system will enable the car to drive itself in certain situations without requiring any input from the driver. However, the driver will need to be ready to […]

Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept Redefines Motoring
If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly like sitting in a car for long periods of time, Volvo’s latest concept will be very appealing to you. The Swedish car manufacturer has unveiled its 360c concept car with which it aims to redefine motoring. It envisages a future where you have a flat bed in the car and can doze off while it drives you to your destination.

Kroger Testing Self-Driving Grocery Delivery Service In Arizona
Self-driving cars will serve many purposes in addition to driving us in total comfort. Autonomous vehicles can be used for delivering things such as groceries and now Kroger is testing out just that in Arizona. Those who are in a select area will be able to try out Kroger’s self-driving grocery delivery service.

Self-Driving Car Completes Iconic Goodwood Hill Climb
The annual Goodwood Festival of Speed features drivers taking on the iconic Goodwood hill climb. They have to navigate narrow passages lined with hay and brick to complete the gradual 300-foot ascent. It requires a certain amount of skill on part of the driver to finish the climb against the clock but Roborace has demonstrated that a self-driving car can tackle the climb just as well.


Ford And Postmates Showcase Autonomous Delivery Vans
Autonomous driving technology will do more than just free us from driving our own cars. It will also transform many industries in the process and the logistics industry will certainly be one of them. Ford has shown us a glimpse of that future as part of its new partnership with delivery startup Postmates. They’re testing an autonomous on-demand delivery pilot program in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida with some 70 […]

Jaguar Land Rover Starts Testing Self-Parking Valet Technology
Autonomous cars are widely believed to be the future of mobility and while we’re still a long way from cars that are truly capable of safely driving us from point a to point b without requiring no human assistant, car manufacturers and tech companies continue to test new iterations of the technology to showcase what’s possible. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has now started testing its self-parking valet technology on […]

NVIDIA Teams Up With Uber And VW On Self-Driving Cars
The self-driving car arena continues to see new partnerships being inked between traditional car manufacturers and tech companies. NVIDIA has confirmed a new partnership with ride-hailing service Uber and auto giant Volkswagen to further the development of self-driving car technology. This is just one of the many partnerships that NVIDIA has inked to further its position in the self-driving technology arena.

Intel Developing Fleet Of 100 Fully Autonomous Cars
Intel wants a piece of the autonomous car pie as well. After confirming that it has officially closed the acquisition of auto-visual company Mobileye, Intel has announced that it’s developing a fleet of 100 Level 4 fully autonomous cars which will be tested in the United States, Europe, and Israel. The very first Level 4 cars from this fleet will take to the roads for various tests later this year.

California Might Allow Self-Driving Cars On Roads Without Humans Inside
California is one of the few states in the country that have allowed companies working on self-driving cars to test them on public roads as long as there is a human behind the wheel to take over should the system not be able to respond effectively. The state’s latest draft regulations show that it’s open to allowing self-driving cars on roads without humans inside provide that federal officials consider it […]

World's First Self-Driving Taxis Rolled Out In Singapore
Singapore is embracing cars of the future in a big way by authorizing a public trial for self-driving taxis. NuTonomy’s first autonomous cabs have now started picking up passengers in the tiny island nation. Select users will be able to take a free ride in these taxis during the public trial period. A human driver will always be behind the wheel to take over should something go wrong.

Autonomous Cars Could Provide $100 Billion Boost To Alcohol Industry
Autonomous or self-driving cars will quite literally transform our lives. Many companies are working on autonomous driving technologies and it’s only a matter of time before these cars become common. A group of researchers from Morgan Stanley is of the view that autonomous cars will provide a major boost to the alcohol industry, a boost that could be worth as much as $100 billion.

Mercedes Discontinues Potentially Misleading Ad About Autonomous Driving
You might have seen a new Mercedes-Benz ad on TV recently when made implied comparisons between the company’s new E-Class sedan and its F 015 autonomous or self-driving concept car. The ad was meant to highlight the new E-Class sedan’s semi-autonomous driving features but following criticism from consumer groups over the comparison with the concept car, Mercedes-Benz has decided to discontinue the advertisement.

Faraday Future Also Working On A Self-Driving Car
Quite a few companies are working on self-driving or autonomous cars so it’s not surprising to find out that Chinese electric car maker Faraday Future has said that it’s also creating a self-driving car of its own. Faraday Future unveiled its first electric concept car – the FFZERO1 – at the International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, but it’s unclear as yet when it’s going to actually put a […]

GM And Lyft Start Testing Self-Driving Cabs In A Year
General Motors and Lyft have teamed up to work on self-driving cars and for this purpose, the former has invested $500 million in the ride-sharing service. According to a new report, we’ll see the fruits of their partnership within one year. GM and Lyft are planning to start testing self-driving cabs in one year. The plan is to put self-driving Chevrolet Bolt cars on the road where they will pick […]