Are you someone who travels using Lyft often? Maybe 20-30 trips a month? No doubt that this will add up in terms of costs, but it looks like Lyft might have a plan to help make things slightly more affordable as the company has confirmed that they are now testing out a subscription plan for users who frequently use the app.


Dubbed the “All-Access Plan”, basically this will give users a set number of “free” rides a month for an upfront fee. There are different pricing tiers being tested out, one of which is at $400 a month for 60 free rides with each ride not costing more than $15. Another tier is at 30 free rides for $250 a month.

As to whether or not this works out to be cheaper is unclear since we guess different users have different needs and destinations, but assuming you take the maximum amount of rides at the $400 plan, it averages out to around $6.70 per ride, but with a cap at $15, there might be some instances where you could end up saving some money. However like we said, different passengers have different needs and destinations, so it’s up to you.

Lyft has confirmed that this is something they are testing out in a statement which reads, “We’re always testing new ways to provide passengers the most affordable and flexible transportation options.” It is unclear if Lyft plans to move forwards with this plan in the future, but for those who travel frequently using the app, it might not be such a bad idea.

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