Just as Nintendo promised the other day, it looks like they have announced a bunch of indie titles that will be coming onto the Nintendo Switch. Some of these titles are brand new while some of them are remasters, while some will be exclusive to the Switch at launch before making their way onto other platforms.


Starting with the new titles, we’re looking at games like Fantasy Strike, Just Shape And Beats, Bomb Chicken, Light Fall, Pode, The Messenger, and probably what will interest gamers the most, Banner Saga 3. It should be noted that the previous two titles will also be coming onto the Switch so you can catch up if you haven’t already. All these titles are expected to arrive some time this year, with release timeframes ranging from Spring to Summer 2018.

Like we said there will also be titles planned for a launch on the Switch first which includes the likes of Garage, Pool Panic, West of Loathing, and Bad North. There will also be remastered indie titles for the Switch such as Mark of the Ninja, Lumines, and Reigns: Kings and Queens. So far the Switch has attracted a fair number of indie titles for a console that’s a year old and we doubt that the indie train will be slowing down anytime soon.

For those who are interested in learning more about these indies, you can check out Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase in the video above.

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