As far as portable gaming consoles go, the Nintendo Switch is pretty decently sized. Sure, it isn’t as portable compared to the 3DS, but if you’re someone who carries a bag with them on the go, then it’s not an issue. However it seems that not everyone thinks the Switch’s size is perfect.


In fact YouTuber Vince of YouTube’s My Mate Vince decided that maybe the Switch’s screen could be bigger, and has since cooked up a DIY mod in which he turns a 1080p TV screen into a display for the Switch, while at the same time maintaining its portable form factor. The end result is a monstrosity called the Nintendo Switch XL, which while we suppose “works”, isn’t really something many would want to carry around.

Not to mention we can only imagine how heavy it will be to lug around as the entire setup is said to weigh around 2kg. Vince admits in the video that it’s not exactly a polished product but he created it as a proof-of-concept, which is more or less what his YouTube channel is all about, so we guess there’s that.

That being said, we’re sure gamers out there have a wishlist of features that they want the Switch to have, but unfortunately that won’t be happening anytime soon. A recent report has revealed that Nintendo isn’t working on new Switch hardware, but will instead focus their efforts on internet-based multiplayer features for the console.

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