Each photographer has their own style, and while getting the right composition and lighting down before you take the photo is important, the post-processing is also an important step which can sometimes help a photographer create their own unique style and touch to photos (think Ansel Adams’ black and white photos).

Now it looks like thanks to the work of researchers at NVIDIA and University of California, Merced, they have developed an AI that has the ability to copy the style of one photo and apply it to another (via Peta Pixel). However when we talk about style, we mean in terms of editing like choosing how much to saturate a photo, sharpening, contrast, and etc., not in terms of composition or subject matter.

The AI, dubbed FastPhotoStyle, is said to be capable of copying styles as much as 60 times faster than other methods out there. It is also said to be more “realistic” in copying styles and were found to be twice as preferred by human subjects. That being said, there are some photographers out there who do share/sell the presets that they use in their workflow for editing programs like Lightroom or Photoshop, so that’s an alternative.

In the meantime the source code to the algorithm has been released on Github if this is something you might be interested in taking a look at.

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