Niantic’s Pokemon GO has been a rather straightforward game where gamers go into the real world to capture Pokemon. There are some battles that can be had where players can fight to take over gyms, but other than that we suppose the main novelty of Pokemon GO is using augmented reality to catch Pokemon.


We have heard reports that the game could be getting quests and now in an announcement by Niantic, that is exactly what is happening as the company has confirmed that quests will be coming to the game in an upcoming update. These quests aren’t your typical quests that you might expect from an RPG and are instead called “research”.

According to Niantic, “There are two different types of research you can contribute to: Field Research and Special Research. Gather Field Research tasks by spinning nearby PokéStops, which will give you objectives that include discovering and catching certain Pokémon or engaging with battles, among other things.”

Going through these objectives and completing them will net players rewards that they can use, as well as encounter various Pokemon that they can add to their collection if they don’t have them already. According to Niantic, this update is expected to arrive later this week, so gamers will want to keep an eye out for them.

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