Recently YouTube announced a change in their policies where videos that sell guns or provide links to websites that sell guns will be banned. It looks like YouTube is not alone in trying to cut down the accessibility to guns because in a post on Reddit in an update on their policy, the self-proclaimed front page of the internet is also banning the sales of firearms.

The announcement of this updated police not only covers firearms, but will also cover ammunition, explosives, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), paid services that involve physical sexual contact, stolen goods, personal information, and falsified official documents or currency.

Reddit also adds a reminder to its users that their platform is not intended to be used as a marketplace. “When considering a gift or transaction of goods or services not prohibited by this policy, keep in mind that Reddit is not intended to be used as a marketplace and takes no responsibility for any transactions individual users might decide to undertake in spite of this. Always remember: you are dealing with strangers on the internet.”

There is a lot of debate going on these days with regards to the topic of gun control. We doubt that this is a debate that can ever be resolved, at least not anytime soon, but in the meantime it looks like platforms like Reddit and YouTube are trying their best to make them less visible.

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