Twitter has been cleaning up its social network in a bid to promote more genuine interaction among users which is why it has now gone after accounts that create artificially viral tweets. You will have seen such accounts if you have ever used Twitter, they’re the ones that normally tweet plagiarized quotes or truisms and try to get them to go viral by mass-retweeting each other’s posts. Twitter has suspended quite a lot of accounts that were participating in this behavior.


Twitter wants to promote more genuine interactions which is why it has been taking concrete steps recently to clamp down on the misuse of its platform. Just last week, the microblogging network went after accounts involved in cryptocurrency scams.

It has now suspended many accounts that were involved in mass-retweeting each other’s posts to create artificially viral tweets, the accounts included Common White Girl and Dory and Finah. This step has been taken a few weeks after the company decided that it was no longer going to allow Tweetdeck users to retweet posts across multiple accounts. That move was also meant to make it harder for such accounts, known as “tweetdeckers,” to create artificially viral tweets.

The company hasn’t commented on the suspension of these accounts but a report mentions that it has suspended them for violating the company’s spam policies which explicitly forbid impersonation and mass duplication.

Even if Twitter decides to restore the accounts, it would be difficult for them to resume their previous behavior without inviting a harsher penalty from Twitter.

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