Some of us might have multiple Bluetooth devices, like speakers for the bedroom, speakers for the living room, headphones, and so on. However with each device we might have preferred volume levels, such as louder volumes for the living room, softer for the bedroom, and etc., which means that we’ll have to constantly remember to adjust the volumes when we pair to them.


However according to the folks at XDA, it seems that come Android P, that might no longer be an issue. This is because based on their discovery, it appears that one of the features of Android P is the ability for it to remember the volume levels that the device connects to, which means that when you pair with a device it will set the volume levels accordingly.

Granted it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to adjust your volume levels, but we suppose ultimately this is about convenience and also quality of life features that we’re sure users will appreciate in the long term. That being said it might be a while before we see Android P released to the public, but the good news is that as XDA has pointed out, there is an app on the Google Play Store called Bluetooth Volume Control that pretty much does the same thing, so users can check that out first while waiting for the native Android solution.

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