While any monitor could technically be used for gaming, there are some that are more suited than others thanks to certain features that gamers might be able to better appreciate. If you are in the market for a new gaming monitor, then AOC might have you covered as the company has unveiled their latest offering.

This comes in the form of the AG352UCG6 which is part of the company’s Agon gaming monitor series. It features a 35-inch display and it has been designed to be ultra-wide, so gamers who want that extra screen estate might be interested in it. It also has its refresh rate bumped up from 100Hz to 120Hz which should make it ever so slightly buttery smooth, an important aspect when gaming.

However refresh rate isn’t the only thing that can affect how smooth a game looks on your display as it will also depend on whether your GPU can handle it. However the good news is that the AOC monitor will come with support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. This means that the refresh rate of the display will synchronize with the GPU to prevent screen tearing, although this will require gamers to have an NVIDIA GPU to truly take advantage of it.

Other specs include a WQHD resolution of 3440×1440 and a 1800R curvature. There is a 4ms response time, a 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a low blue light mode, and a feature that helps cut down on flickering to reduce eye strain. As for pricing, the AOC AG352UCG6 does not come cheap and is priced at $900 and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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