The Nintendo Switch plays home to a ton of great games, but we’re sure that as much as gamers love Nintendo’s titles, they would also love the ability to access other more mainstream games found on the PC or other consoles, such as Activision’s Call of Duty, for example. The good news is that Switch gamers could have their wishes granted.

In a report from Gaming Intel, they have heard from their sources that apparently Call of Duty could be coming to the Switch. However there is a catch and that is this will not be your typical Call of Duty game, but instead it will be a Battle Royale game based on Call of Duty. This means that if you were hoping for Black Ops 4, then you might be disappointed.

What’s interesting is that we have heard that Black Ops 4 could have a Battle Royale mode, and this report is suggesting that it could be bundled as a separate game/mode in which the Switch will receive it standalone minus Black Ops 4. While this might be a bit disappointing, we suppose it’s still somewhat good news.

We have heard rumors dating back to 2017 that Call of Duty for the Switch was in development. We heard those rumors again earlier this year, but to date Activision has yet to confirm anything. However Black Ops 4 is expected to be revealed in full on the 17th of May, so maybe we’ll get confirmation then.

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