If the Onimusha series is one that you’ve been enjoying ever since its inception, you might probably be wondering about its current state. The last time we saw an Onimusha release was back in 2012 with Onimusha Soul, although we guess if you want to count the main games, then the last release was back in 2006 with Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.

The good news is that if you were hoping to see the series revived, you might be in luck because according to reports, Capcom has been going about filing for trademarks for Onimusha in various regions for online video gaming services. Now it could be that Capcom is simply looking to protect their intellectual property, but given comments made in 2016, we wouldn’t be surprised if these trademarks are for a new game.

According to Capcom executive Yoshinori Ono who was the producer for the later Onimusha games, he was quoted as saying, “All I can do for now is reassure fans that conversations are happening at high levels. We [Capcom] realise the need for different series to maybe come back into the forefront and although there’s nothing to talk about right now, I’m sure in the future there will be news on variety of series that will keep the fans happy. [Fan’s] favourites are going to come back.”

Capcom has yet to make any formal announcement, but with E3 2018 coming up in a couple of months, maybe we’ll hear something then.

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