What if your license plate was able to contact emergency services in the event of a crash? That’s precisely what the digital license plates that Dubai starts testing next month will be capable of doing. Not only that, the emirate’s digital license plates will also be able to communicate with other cars to provide updates on traffic conditions and even display alerts if the plate or the car that it’s on is stolen.

Dubai is going to start testing the digital license plate system next month and will particularly see whether the emirate’s hot climate is going to cause any technical issues. The test will also help Dubai figure out how to best roll out the digital license plates to all residents in the future.

The digital license plates will go beyond what has already been mentioned above. They will even allow for users’ parking fees, fines and plate registration costs to be deducted automatically from their accounts.

Some may express privacy concerns given that these plates will have a GPS and transmitters. Whether or not those concerns are addressed in the trial next month remains to be seen. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has not yet confirmed how much these smart license plates are going to cost.

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