The first Destiny title was released almost three years ago and Bungie has yet to release the full soundtrack of the game to the public. It’s finally going to do that as Bungie has confirmed that the official Destiny soundtrack is going to be released to the public “in the near future.” Marty O’Donnell, a well-known composer, wrote the soundtrack titled Music of the Spheres for this hit game.


Fans have long been waiting to get their hands on the original music from Destiny and it was eventually leaked out last year. Bungie has now taken it down, though, after confirming that the music will officially be released in the near future.

O’Donnell wrote Music of the Spheres for Destiny with Michael Salvatory and in collaboration with the great Paul McCartney. A standalone preview of the music was never released even though it was planned but Bungie ended up using 40 minutes from the original suite in the game’s soundtrack.

The confirmation about the impending release came from Bungie on Reddit where it revealed that “we have plans to officially release Music of the Spheres in the near future.” A precise date hasn’t been given as yet but one can expect that this is going to be out sooner rather than later.

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